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About Us

The Vanguard United is a multimedia entertainment and production company. We work in the production and distribution of entertainment content through endless avenues as well as produce live performances and events.


The Vanguard itself is defined as being on the forefront of new ideas and developments, on this website you will find just that. It is important to us as well as our creative team of producers that our content both is a form of expression and aids in the progression of communities all over the world.


With a degree in mass communications and a broadcast focus, as well as a background in radio, television, voiceover and production of the former, our CEO, Coryn “CoCo” Chatman comes with the knowledge and insight to carry out each task with integrity and quality. Coryn has put together a crew of qualified and talented professionals that will bring forth the vision of our clients in the most unique ways.

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Image by Jakob Owens


All the shows, commercials, short films, trailers, event videography and promos that The Vanguard United produces. All the visual art and forms of expression. It is extremely important to us that all the shows produced and visual publications align with our vision as the Vanguard. It is also important to us that the products be carried out as the creators themselves have envisioned them.


This is where the podcasts live! Our CEO got her start in radio and podcasting so this is where her heart is. Everything from sports, medicine to fashion, music and beauty, you can find it here. For the podcast lovers who love to just sit back, relax, and listen. You can even find ways to get in touch with our favorite podcasters!

Video Production
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